Activities at the WISSARD Test Site

Work at the WISSARD test site continued today. Deployment and testing of the instrumentation package for Sub-Ice Exploration (IPSIE) continued. The instrument was deployed down the main borehole through the ice shelf and reached ocean bottom.

Assembly and deployment went smoothly with help from the marine techs and the DOER staff present.

Data retrieval and display also went smoothly will all instruments returning data, and excellent down borehole and side viewing cameras capturing real-time video.

The load transfer cage was utilized in the deployment of the IPSIE, and the multi-purpose winch was employed.The CTD and Muticorer instruments were prepared for deployment by the light winch.NSF OPP staff visited the site.

Tomorrow December 20th, the borehole will be reamed to enlarge the hole for safe deployment of the geothermal probe and additional instruments.

Images will be posted by day on the WISSARD webpage at www.wissard.org in the image galleries under the Multimedia tab, the day following the daily update.