WISSARD Tahoe Test

August, 2012
Percussion Corer being deployed from the barge.

Before taking the instruments to Antarctica, the team needed to test them out in a location that let them do repairs and changes more easily. The location also needed to be controlled so that it was easy to see the instruments and be able to observe how they worked in the water. Lake Tahoe, located on the California-Nevada border in the Sierra Nevada Mountains was selected because it was a clear lake that allowed the test team to see what was going on, it was easy to get to, and it provided easy access to on-shore facilities in case there were changes needed.

The team traveled to Tahoe at the end of August, 2012 with the instrument strings and a small submersible to let them "see" underwater. The equipment was loaded onto a barge, along with a small truck-mounted crane, and they motored out into the lake a short distance from shore to do the testing. These pictures show the instruments and provide a brief explanation of the tool and the data it will collect.

Photo Gallery: 
Dr. Ross Powell
Loading the barge
Moving the barge
Anchor Block
Sheave and load transfer station
Rigging the Multicorer
Multicore Sample
Sample collection from multicorer
Sediment from corer.
Deck of the barge
Deck of the  barge
Percussion Corer
Percussion Corer
Core recovery
Control Van
Control Van